Jalissa Doughty-Moody, MFT


With a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy Jalissa takes pride in servicing our communities children and their families. A graduate from Nova Southeastern University, she has 3 years of therapy experience. Her specialty with children, she strive to support and provide assistance for her clients who are being impacted by their self-esteem, emotions, relationships, and school pressures to name a few.

She views therapy as a safe place for her client’s to explore their life experiences. Being in a school and home setting, allows Jalissa to be able to see and understand the clients entire system in the community in which they live. With systemic thinking she understands that our community and our relationships with our teachers and families can affect a child’s mental health. Children are symptoms of their family system, and their behavior correlates with their experiences. As a systemic therapist, she works to change the family system in which they live to assist with behavior and emotional concerns impacting their lives.


Jalissa looks forward to working with the families in which she serve everyday.

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