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Rosa "Amanda" Ordonez, MA

Intake and Data Coordinator

Rosa “Amanda” Ordonez is a dynamic professional who has a fusion of legal expertise, economic insight, and a commitment to public service. Being originally from Nicaragua, Amanda's academic journey led her to acquire a bachelor's degree in law with a major in Economics, laying a solid foundation for her career. Building upon this groundwork, she pursued further academic endeavors, earning a master's degree in criminal justice with Mastery of Science in Public Affairs, refining her understanding of the intricate workings of justice systems and public policy. She has lived in the United States for 10 years contributing skills and knowledge to her community.


Within CMET Amanda works as an Intake and Data Coordinator, where her bilingual fluency in Spanish and English proves facilitating communication and understanding among diverse stakeholders. Amanda plays a significant role in ensuring the smooth operation of CMET. Amanda embodies the essence of a modern professional poised to make a lasting impact in her field.

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