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Who We Are

CMET was founded in 2011 with a vision to provide quality service to individuals, families and couples experiencing substance abuse and/or mental health issues.  CMET is rooted in the philosophy to inspire and empower the person through an engaging and hands on method that will enable and motivate the individual to create a positive change.  

CMET began providing exclusively the Batterers Intervention Program in a male group setting.   CMET was the last generation of agencies in Florida to receive a certification to provide the evidence-based curriculum created by the Duluth consortium.  As the agency began to identify greater needs in the community, CMET became a comprehensive site.  CMET has specialized in trauma, depression, dual diagnosis, substance abuse and other mental health services which led to a major increase in referrals from Miami-Dade court as well as Broward County courts.  

Additionally CMET began to collaborate with the Broward County Schools as researched showed an increase in mental health issues among students.  As a response to the needs, CMET developed the SIPS program (Student Intervention and Prevention Services) program which is designed to provide services at the community level where clinicians work with Broward County students, teachers and their parents forming an alliance that involves wraparound model.  This method works under the premise that parent-teacher-child collaboration paired with emotional and behavioral intervention will help address the mental health challenges and strengthened academic performance. As CMET continued to grow and expand, we aligned our efforts and commitment to our clients by extending our services to the jails in Broward County and incorporating telehealth to increase greater capacity in meeting the needs of our clients. 

 CMET has always worked diligently to provide quality care to all our clients. We dedicate immense efforts in forming a competent clinical team to ensure all are receiving optimal treatment. Thus our commitment to provide the environment where all feel safe to receive services in a manner that is kind, professional and personalized is our constant promise to our clients.

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