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Batterers Intervention Program (BIP)


The Batterers Intervention Program is a  psycho-educational group designed for men who must attend a domestic violence  program after being referred through a court order. The program is also open for self-referral. 

CMET's BIP program works on three primary principles:

1. Safety of the victim
2. Accountability of the batterer
3. Collaboration - CMET promotes a coordinated community response to domestic violence

CMET is certified by the Department of Children and Families  as a provider of the 28-week program.  We  follow the "Duluth Curriculum" and the main goal will remain on participant's responsibility and accountability for their beliefs and actions. We offer a sliding scale payment.

Our psycho-educational program will include, but is not limited to the following: 
-Definition of domestic violence 
-Dynamics of power and control 
-Socialization, including gender roles and equality 
-Batterer's responsibility for past and future abusive behaviors 
-Relationship between substance abuse, mental illness and acts of violence with a distinction that there is not a cause and effect relationship 
-Relapse prevention plan that provides alternatives to all forms of abuse 
-Challenging the beliefs that promote abusive behavior 
-Nonviolent alternatives 

Stones of Meaning
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