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Anger Management


The Main Focus is:
• To recognize the individual responsibility in changing maladaptive behaviors
• To develop a working understanding of one’s anger/stress patterns and responses
• To eliminate or decrease violent behaviors
• To learn how to control emotional feelings and physiological arousal
• To learn how to communicate assertively and learn conflict resolution strategies
• To develop a support system
• To provide a safe environment where the person is supported and encouraged during the change process

Our philosophy for treatment lays on the belief that people can change by learning that anger is a natural emotional which can be manage in a healthy manner.

Our program will include, but is not limited to the following:
• The roots of anger
• The cycle of abuse
• Emotion regulation
• Tolerating distresses in life
• Interpersonal skills
• Healthy boundaries
• The process of relapse prevention
• Conflict resolution
• Relaxation techniques



Our anger management services are designed to establish a therapeutic environment for the individual with a history of  outbursts, rage and anger that has led to destructive behaviors.

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