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"How can parents keep the coronavirus-anxiety at bay?"

COVID-19 is overwhelming our media. As more information keeps rushing in, we are all trying to keep it together. Sometimes it's too much and we can feel overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Right now, it is crucial for us to take care of ourselves.

Today I wanted to talk about stress relief for parents. Now our children are being ordered to stay home and parents are wondering, "how can parents keep the coronavirus-anxiety at bay?"

· Give yourself grace

"Give yourself permission to cut corners so you can all get through unusual circumstances,” said Dr. Alexandra Sacks, M.D., a reproductive psychiatrist in New York" (Grose, 2020).

· Don't judge coping styles

· Remember sleep hygiene

A lot of us are working from home, try working somewhere other than your bed to give yourself differentiation. It's important to practice good sleep (sometimes that could mean leaving your phone and computers out of your bedroom).

· Timebox your worries

Allot certain times for you to watch the news. Likewise, set up a time for you to worry and if you worry outside of that write them down on a piece of paper to get them out of your head (Grose, 2020). “Knowing I have that time period makes me feel less anxious during the day,” Dr. Lakshmin said (Grose, 2020)

· Social distancing doesn't mean you should stop being social

Set up time to talk to your loved ones virtually.

· Help others as much as you can!

Check on your neighbors and offer your help and support.

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